1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant(s);
  2. Full name, address and nationality of the designer(s);
  3. Title of the design;
  4. Indication of the kind of products for which the industrial design is to be used;
  5. Locarno Classification of the design;
  6. Priority data for claiming priority right under the Paris Convention (if any), including application number, priority date, and country.
  1. Drawings (or photographs, tracings or other adequate graphic representations) showing the different sides of the industrial design, which should not exceed 10 x 20 cm. Such representations, drawings or tracings, shall be in black ink and affixed on four sheets of cardboard of A4 size;A specimen of the article embodying the industrial design, where the industrial design is two-dimensional, can be provided. The specimen size shall not exceed 20  x 20 x 20 cm; 
  2. Power of Attorney (notarization is required; a copy of Power of Attorney can be accepted at the filing time but the original one must be submitted later within 02 months from the filing date);
  3. Notarized Deed of Assignment in case the Applicant and the Designer are not the same person;
  4. Certified copy of priority documents and English translation thereof (only for applications claiming priority under the Paris Convention), which can be submitted later within 03 months from the filing date.
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