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Samsung Files Patent For Foldable Smartphone

2017 was the year of edge-to-edge displays. Virtually every major smartphone release, aside from a handful of exceptions, made use of a bezel-less design. Rather or not that will last into 2018 remains to be seen, but there are rumors that Samsung will be going in a completely different direction with the Galaxy X. Letsgodigital recently obtained sketches from a patent that Samsung submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office which shows off a foldable smartphone design.

In a bit of a retro twist, the designs indicate that the Galaxy X will fold inward in a manner similar to flip phones of the pre-iPhone era. However, that’s where the similarities will end. Instead of featuring a keyboard like many of those phones, this one will feature a second screen. This could allow you to have multiple apps open at the same time such as watching Netflix while you’re browsing the web or they could be combined into a single screen. Admittedly, we find the second option more interesting. Having access to multiple apps is neat enough, but the concept of a tablet-phone hybrid, a true “phablet” is much more interesting.

While details surrounding the Galaxy X are scarce, Samsung has been working on it for some time and these patents indicate that they are likely going to move forward with a foldable smartphone. Of course, this is all speculation on our part. Until Samsung makes an official announcement, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. As for when that announcement will be, well, we’ll probably be waiting awhile. It’s unlikely that we’ll see the Galaxy X until at least late 2018.

In terms of foldable smartphones, Samsung isn’t the first company to try it. ZTE recently released the Axon M which features a dual-screen foldable design. Despite its innovative features, critical reception to the phone was lukewarm due to its lackluster specs and high price point. The Galaxy X probably won’t do much about the high price point, but we’re sure it will have top-of-the-line specs.


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